Easy and Heez for high-reliability, durable beverage coolers


CAREL’s PJ easy and Heez solutions for beverage coolers come with advanced features that extend the working life of both the compressor and the entire refrigeration system.

The PJ easy range of controllers has been extended to include a new version with high protection against mains voltage instability. This version in fact recognises high or low voltage peaks that can compromise compressor safety.

Similarly, Heez, exploiting inverter technology, enables the unit to operate with an unstable power supply, without requiring the use of an external power stabiliser. A complete thermodynamic qualification procedure means the rotary DC inverter compressor always operates in the best possible conditions, and is protected against any liquid return by the electronic expansion valve. The Heez solution uses a class B inverter with built-in compressor protection, thus simplifying unit design and certification. The devices are individually certified, as is the inverter-compressor combination, in accordance with EN60335-2-34 (including annex AA). Fine control and continuous modulation mean the system works with low vibrations, thus reducing mechanical stress and consequent breakages.

The high reliability and durability of beverage coolers that use CAREL control systems guarantee high sales continuity, always in the best possible conditions.