Field User Experience


The technology, power and usability of the latest smartphones can now be exploited by technical personnel to control and manage beverage coolers, using the Bluetooth and NFC wireless connectivity features integrated into the new range of Carel controllers. Using Applica, Carel’s new app for cooler configuration and maintenance, interaction with the units is simple and intuitive.

Following profiled access based on the characteristics of each user, service technicians are guided through the various functions available, ranging from set point adjustments based on individual system requirements, to the most advanced needs of expert personnel. Further technical manuals and documentation are also available as support for service technicians.  The unit can be managed throughout its entire lifecycle using advanced features, such as centralised configuration and upgrades to the operating logic performed in the field.

Flexibility and centralised management are further guaranteed by a cloud platform that allows automatic updates of the contents and interfaces across the entire network. Each customer has a private section for managing customisations and accessing the information that each unit makes available on the web portal.

The system provides the service team with effective support to make unit management more efficient and compliant with the beverage company’s quality and performance standards. Applica is the innovative tool in the technical personnel’s pocket that helps achieve these goals!