Incredible energy and pull-down performance

The extensive modulation ensured by the Heez control solution achieves significant results both in terms of energy performance and pull-down

In particular, rotary DC inverter technology significantly reduces both ON-OFF cycles in steady-state operation and slashes pull-down times due to the high motor operating speed. Control algorithms allow synchronised operation of the compressor, stepper valve and variable-speed fans, so as to ensure the best performance in climates.

Self-adaptive logic adjusts operating conditions during the day and overnight by learning from sales habits. Advanced algorithms identify the need for defrosting and adjust the set point according to actual unit demand.

All of these features have made it possible to achieve incredible results in pull-down performance and energy consumption. Tests conducted by a certified third-party laboratory have shown that the Heez control solution installed on a glass door merchandiser can reach an EEI (Energy Efficiency Index) of 13.8, meaning 50% better efficiency than the best beverage coolers available on the market.