Designing modern refrigerators with the customised easy and Heez solutions

The easy and Heez solutions by CAREL improve look and performance of every refrigerator, thanks to standard and customised versions.

easy offers four colour options of the display, also in XL size, and a wide range of coloured faceplates, which can all be customised in graphic.


Heez instead amazes with its innovative transparent faceplate taking the colours of the panel below. It is the ideal support for customised company logos and is available with several thickness dimensions. The keypad with backlit buttons can also be easily customised in the colours and in the graphic.

Customising operating logics means adapting the CAREL solution to the specific characteristics of each refrigerator and thus optimising its thermo-dynamic performance.

Local CAREL teams are dedicated to the development of the customised solutions. Alongside with customers, they prepare the wished logos and graphics, define the most appropriate manufacturing parameters and develop the variants of the control algorithms.