Connected Efficiency

CAREL will be exhibiting for the first time at Drinktec with its new payoff "Connected efficiency", replacing the previous "High Efficiency Solutions". The company thus aims to market itself as a partner that invests in the latest digital evolutions and that, exploiting its expertise, can support companies and users by offering high-performance control solutions available and usable across all of their potential hardware and software, so as to gain a real competitive edge on the world market and achieve success.

The trends toward high efficiency and energy savings that have led CAREL to offer the market innovative control solutions is now further enhanced by the addition of digital content: the future is connected, and even energy efficiency is amplified when "connected", delivering higher performance and more significant results through machine learning and predictive maintenance techniques.

CAREL has therefore increased its focus on the field of IoT, both establishing a dedicated organisational unit and changing its own corporate brand line, thus underlining the addition of new content to its offering.