New frontiers in energy efficiency with CAREL solutions for beverage coolers


Efficiency and energy savings are also the pillars of CAREL’s control solutions in the beverage cooler segment, ranging from the PJ easy and PJ easy XL models, to the innovative Heez with rotary DC inverter technology.

High energy efficiency standards are made possible by the advanced control logic that recognises different operating conditions and adjusts unit status, reducing power consumption whenever possible and ensuring maximum performance when needed.

In addition to the DC rotary inverter compressor, the Heez solution incorporates other high-efficiency devices, such as modulating fans and electronic expansion valves. Synchronisation of these devices, together with the control algorithms, enables implementation of numerous smart logic functions to reduce the number of defrosts and optimise pull-down and transition between day and night-time operation.

The rotary DC inverter compressor is a fundamental and innovative component of the Heez proposal and has been exclusively designed based on CAREL’s specifications by world-class compressor manufacturer Qing'an*, an affiliate of AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China) and based in the Xi’an Hi-tech Development zone.

Lower energy consumption and the use of natural refrigerants such as propane also have the positive effect of reducing environmental impact, a critical factor in this application considering the huge number of units installed in the field.


*Relying on Qing'an Group manufacturing technology and equipment, and with 30 years of R&D experience in rotary compressors, Qing'an has now reached a yearly production capacity of 6 million high-efficiency and energy-saving rotary compressors.