Armilla: Data Management Portal for beverage companies

CAREL introduces the new Armilla portal, entirely dedicated to beverage companies and their partners to optimise the activities of marketing analysis and technical maintenance on coolers installed in the field.

In our era of digitalisation, every system can transfer operating parameters and indicators to be used for any kind of analysis. The new challenge is turning these data into information useful for diverse users.

For this purpose CAREL has developed Armilla, a smart system for processing collected data. Using our thermo-dynamic knowledge and expertise in this sector, the data are aggregated and presented as graphs and dashboards easy to understand. Thanks to a further processing, raw parameters are turned into information useful to support marketing and service decisions by beverage companies and their partners. The portal offers statistical analyses on the current use of coolers in the field, highlighting possible non-conformities compared to expected performance. The useful information are accessible to both central departments and users in the field through mobile devices.

CAREL works alongside beverage companies and their partners to reach their targets, making the most of the new opportunities offered by the digital world.